The Solution: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent

While becoming your own Loving Parent is at the core of healing from a negectful childhood, it is also the gateway to the child within. In addition to the ACA Twelve Steps, this is the ACA Solution. By reparenting ourselves with gentleness, humor, love and respect, we find our child within and true connection to a Higher Power. This is the God who does not abandon. 

Becoming your own Loving Parent means that many of us came to believe that our Higher Power is our actual parent. Our biological parents were the couple needed to bring us into this world. The birth parents passed on the disease of family dysfunctional that affects us in our lives today. Our Higher Power is the parents who gives us unconditional love and the way out of confusion and self-abuse. The Higher Power gave us the Twelve Steps.
Loving Parent
Inner Child
Critical  Parent
Daily Affirmations
Key Terms

1. Inner Child - The original person, being or force which we truly are. Some ACA members call                                   this the true self.
2. False Self - The addicted or codependent self.
3. Loving Parent or reparenting - The inner parent we can develop from the part of us that took                                                                   action to care for ourselves as children and which can be                                                                           awakened in recovery.
4. Critical Parent - The hypercritical and judgmental voice that frequently finds fault in our                                                  thoughts and actions. This includes the frequent blaming of ourselves and                                            others.