ACA   Northern  California  Intergroup  640  Newsletter
September, 2017

Together  We  Can  Achieve  Anything!

Step 9    Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so     would injure them or others.

Sincerity, brevity and humility are the ideas we keep in mind as we make our amends. ACA experience shows that amends build character and inner strength that can only be wrought by going through the process. We do not allow the fear of uncomfortable situations to block us from making amends. We can usually find a way to make amends if we pray and seek guidance.

Step Nine can be one of the greatest recovery moments that we will ever experience in ACA. While the Step can appear daunting, Step Nine is one of the fellowship’s best kept secrets. The emotional and spiritual rewards of this Step are like a great hidden treasure. We can not tell you how the amends process will turn out for you, but we can promises fulfillment and growth that will exceed your expectations if this Step is faced with honesty, sincerity and thoroughness.


First Annual ACA Potluck  Picnic  Extravaganza   Saturday   Sept. 16    11-2 pm
William Land Park   Sacramento, CA  95818      3 blocks from Vic's Ice Cream
Ribs and  Chicken Provided        Bring your Favorite Side Dish
Bring your own drinks       Water will be provided
Raffle for Gift Baskets   All Are Welcome!    Hope to see you there!

This event is free of charge and provides a good opportunity to meet  group
members & their families within the ACA Sacramento & No. California Intergroup.          
Carol  209-614-1058

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