Safety in Meetings

In ACA, we create a safe place to open up and share… We simply do not make comments either positive or negative about another person's share before, during, or after a meeting. RB pg. 574

1.  Keep Tradition One in Mind - Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends              upon ACA unity.

2.  Two or more group members can ask the disruptive person to leave the meeting and return when he         or she is willing to work recovery. As the person to talk to a sponsor or consider getting a sponsor.

3.  If the problematic behavior persists, ask the person to take a one or two week break from the                      meeting.

4.  If the person is disruptive and will not leave the meeting, escort him or her from the meeting if the              person is not violent.

5.  If the disruptive person becomes violent or threatening, shut down the meeting immediately and have      all members depart for the common welfare.

6.  Call the police if there is clear and present danger to lives, health, or property. RB pg. 584