ACA  Intergroup Meeting Minutes
Sacramento and ​Northern California

Saturday, October 7th 10am-12pm

In attendance: 5 - Courbet, Robert, Pat, Caroline (by phone), Carol
Voting Members:
          Courbet, Chair
          Carol, Chair/Webmaster
          Robert, Treasurer
          Caroline, Secretary & GSR - Sacramento

August 26th meeting minutes: need to be approved at November intergroup meeting.

Courbet- Chair / Region 2 Rep.-
       Intergroup Picnic Potluck Extravaganza was a great success!
       About 20 people showed up and we made $160 on Baskets
       Thank You to all to helped make it a success

Carol - Chair/Webmaster -  Website has Monthly Minutes, Newsletter and Events
Pat - Public Information-  Working on getting pamphlets to groups.
Robert-Treasurer -  $16 balance    Treasurer’s report approved unanimously.
New Business:
1.  Intergroup Basket Raffle made $160.  ½ to Intergroup ½ to reimburse

2. Public Information 
The official Intergroup PI Packet shall include:
          1) 25 Questions2) ACA Is 3) ACE Essentials 4) Sacramento Area Meeting Flyer 5) Intergroup                      Newsletter 6) Cover Letter to Dr., Therapist, Teacher, and Clergy

3. Holiday Party December 9, 2017  11 am at Courbet’s House
Potluck and White Elephant
Robert motioned to Adjourn.