ACA   Northern  California  Intergroup  640                                                                            Newsletter  July, 2017
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Recovery is accepting yourself for who you are, no longer waiting for others to define you or approve of you.      Claudia B.        RB p. xxiv

Step 7        Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
In Step 7 we realize that we cannot remove our shortcomings without the help of a Higher Power.  We may have had moments of freedom from our defects, but they seem to return or take on a new form if we fail to ask for God's intervention.  To our horror, we see a defect reappear in a new obsession or new twist that is torturous to face alone.  In Step 7, we        must muster all the trust or faith that we can.  We rely upon God to remove our defects of character.   RB p. 220

ACA  Sponsorship  Workshop   July 29,  2017    3 - 5 pm
Sunlight of the Spirit Bookstore      2314 J Street  Sacramento, CA  95816
Free   Learn How to Be A Sponsor   Refreshments provided

ACA Potluck Picnic Extravaganza    September 16, 2017     11 am - 2 pm
William Land Park  3800 Land Park Drive Sacramento, CA  95818
Free    Meet ACA group members   Meat provided    

Bring a side dish to share   
Raffle for Gift Baskets including chocolate, literature and more!            
Carol  209-614-1058        

Courbet  916-833-6074