Finding a Sponsor

Asking someone to be our sponsor is a key step in our recovery. To find an ACA sponsor, we go to ACA meetings and events and listen to members sharing. We look for someone who has worked the Twelve Steps of ACA, attends meetings regularly and understands ACA principles and traditions. We may also look for someone who has achieved an observable level of serenity and emotional sobriety. Typically, we look for the sponsee of the same sex or if we are romantically involved with someone of the same sex we look for someone of the opposite sex to avoid romantic confusion.

We may ask for a potential sponsor’s telephone number and then call to talk about ACA. If we find that we are comfortable talking with that person, we ask if they are available for sponsorship. We also discuss the expectations of a sponsor/sponsee relationship. We might go through this process with two or three people. Eventually, we ask one of them to be our sponsor.

An ACA sponsor shares his or her spiritual program of recovery with a sponsee and provides guidance for the newcomer building his or her own foundation for recovery through the Twelve Steps of ACA. A sponsor understands the effects of being raised in a dysfunctional family. A sponsor also understands the importance of resolving stored grief and reparenting one’s self through the ACA Steps. ACA sponsors are not therapists or counselors, but they can offer needed support to a sponsee revisiting abuse, trauma and other overwhelming experiences of childhood.