ACA  Intergroup Meeting Minutes
Sacramento and ​Northern California
Saturday, August 5th; 10am-12pm

In attendance: 7- Courbet, Robert, Pat, Brenda, Meghan, Caroline, Carol
Intergroup Representatives:
            Courbet, Chair              Carol, Chair/Webmaster         Pat, Public Information
            Robert, Treasurer         Caroline, Secretary & GSR - Sacramento
            Meghan, GSR- Citrus Heights     Brenda, GSR - Woodland
Elections: Caroline voted in as Secretary, Brenda voted in as backup.
Board / Position Updates:
Courbet- Chair / Region 2 Rep.
- bank account for Norcal Intergroup has been set up, working on picnic plans
- ACA Region 2 Representative update: Courbet stated that bylaws are needed before returning for further meetings.
Carol - Chair/Webmaster
- Website is set up, but not live yet. Will contain information on meetings, events for Norcal groups, new meeting            postings.
Pat - Public Information
- working on getting more pamphlets for groups to access. Many flyers available on website.
- $16 balance after website and filing name with Secretary of State.
- Treasurer’s report approved unanimously.
New Business:
- Amended the board to only 4 positions due to small group attendance rigth now.
   (2 Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer) Public information position is not voting member right now.
   Approved unanimously
- Amended definition of Quorum to read that 50% of board & 50% of GSR’s must be present to vote.
   1st vote: 5 yes, 1 no    2nd vote: unanimous approval
- Website presented by Carol - still under construction; not live on the internet yet. Will email GSR’s & Board when gone live.
- Picnic - Brenda to create chocolate basket for raffle
- September’s Intergroup meeting rescheduled to Saturday 8/26 @ 10am at Courbet’s house.
GSR Needs:
- Brenda announced that she needs pamphlets for Woodland Group -- directed to website for                      printing/downloads
- Brenda motioned for close of meeting.  Unanimously approved.