ACA in The Workplace

1.  We confuse our boss or supervisor with our alcoholic parent or qualifier and have similar                              relationship patterns behaviors, and reactions that are carryovers from childhood.

2.  We confuse our co-workers with our siblings or our alcoholic parents and repeat childhood                        reactions in those working relationships.

3.  We expect lavish praise and acknowledgement from our boss for our efforts on the job.

4.   Authority figures scare us and we feel afraid when we need to talk to them.

5.   We get negative "gut reaction" when dealing with someone who has the physical characteristics                 or mannerisms of our alcoholic qualifier.

6.  We have felt isolated and different from everyone around us, but we don't really know why.

7.   We lose our temper when things upset us rather than dealig with problems productively.

8.   We busy ourselves with our co-workers' jobs, often telling them how to do their work.

9.   We can get hurt feelings when co-workers do things socially together without asking us, even                    though we have not made an effort to get to know them and join in thw social life.

See the BRB pgs. 417 - 419 for the entire checklist for ACAs in the Workplace.