A Sponsor

An ACA sponsor is someone who shares their own spiritual program of recovery with a sponsee and provides guidance for the newcomer building his or her foundation for recovery through the Twelve Steps of ACA.

An ACA sponsor:
  • Shares their own story, as well as their experience, strength and hope in recovery.
  • Helps a sponsee understand emotional intoxication, the Laundry List traits of an Adult Child and the effects of family alcoholism and dysfunction.
  • Encourages active Step work, meeting attendance, journaling, meditation and seeking a Higher Power.
  • Encourages a sponsee to break old family rules which discourages talking, trusting, feeling and remembering.
  • Helps a sponsee identify, express and understand feelings.
  • Leads by example in their own active recovery.

An ACA sponsor with an addiction must not be active in that addiction. We cannot sponsor others if we are drinking, drugging or engaging in some other behavior that would qualify as a relapse.

It is also important to remember that an ACA sponsor:
  • Is not a parent, authority figure or Higher Power to the person being sponsored.
  • Does not judge, criticize or invalidate the feelings or insights of the person being sponsored.
  • Does not do for a sponsee what they can do for themselves.
  • Does not give or lend money.
  • Does not become romantically or sexually involved with a sponsee
If we are asked to be a sponsor, we try to say “yes”. Sponsoring is one of the key actions that helps an ACA member maintain emotional sobriety while continuing to grow spiritually. By sponsoring others, we learn more about ourselves and the sequence of recovery. We learn that if we are working the Twelve Steps and attending ACA meetings regularly, we have something to offer another person. We can pass on the gift of recovery which was given to us.